21 janeiro 2013

Resenha feita por Draco Louback para o debut "The Way to the Northern Gates"

Hail nobres guerreiros confiram a resenha feita por Draco Louback para o debut "The Way to the Northern Gates"

Could you imagine a sound that goes beyond any boundary of the song? Well, then here's Pagan Throne. A band from Brazil-Rio de Janeiro, which showed a lot of professionalism with their album "The Northen Way to the Gates". I met the band in San Paulo at the time they had a big event called Thor Hammerfest. When I saw them, I was completely flattered! For a long time I haven't heard any sound so furious and cadence. I got the cd's great vocalist Rodrigo Garm and could not stop listening to it. The album is full of musical passages heavy and concise is something full of innovation, a theme that worships Norse mythology and embarks the listener to the ends of the world. The first song is heavy, strong feature is the prelude to the guitar line called 'Black Hordes' and continues to go strong cry of Garm. The variation between voices was excellent, and then a passage which completes the listener on a journey of no return. The interesting thing is that Pagan Throne keeps the Black Metal genre, but the listener can feel a Gothic tone, a heavy-metal rhythm, this is quite innovating! After the end of the song Black hordes, the calm. Then it's broken by bells ringing. We take the direction of the ancient gods through "Course of the old domain". A song full of passages well done. Drummer Alexandre Daemortis was very creative in his lines. The guitar Raphael did a great job, riffs that sometimes make you embark on a journey, that shows you the fury of his creativity. The Bass Eddie Torres fills all that weight, formulating how a good song should be, even though it was heavy. Countess of Night has a very dark sound, heavy, certainly it shows the influence that has on a Black Metal band, and its range of voices in the chorus that really stick in your head and makes you want to sing it all day.

Impressive sound from the album "Ritual" has still more for us, Countrymen, it is sung in Portuguese (Translation), Very well done by the way:

''Mountains and valleys that bring hordes of mystery
Immortals rites that echo for all time
Glories are hordes of pagan myth
Versed by the guardian of the mountain.

His spirit wanders distant times
In harmony with the forces of the earth
Brings the mysteries and legends of ancient totems
The blood and bravery of  eternal ancient hordes

The Pagan Throne was a kind of treasure trove, something rare to see in the genre, they have a professional musicianship and beautifully crafted, and above all: Believe in what you do!

Band: Pagan Throne
Country: Brazil
Album: The Northen Way to the Gates
Label: Self-released/independent
Release date: 2010
Genre: Black Metal
Points: 8'5/10